Sparkle - Website Optimizer
v.5.0.3 [21.05.2015]
Sparkle livens up your site exploiting 100% of the server's resources, either dedicated or shared, on which it is hosted, thus increasing the speed of reply and page visualization by 75%.
Sparkle is a plugin which provides an amazing increase in performance and aims at getting the most out of the server's resources and potentials by acting on various aspects, both at a server configuration level and at an HTTP-to-client response optimization, with specific differences related to the browser used.

Sparkle completely re-designs the way your server serves the pages, and optimizes the used browser's caching system.

Sparkle is therefore an essential SEO tool for the qualification of your site according to Google parameters, guaranteeing a score >92 on Google PageSpeedGoogle PageSpeed.

It is possible to install Sparkle on any existing PHP site, in a completely non-intrusive way.

A concise, detailed description of the technical features (for developers) follows:
  • three installation modes: the first for PHP installed as Apache handler and full .htaccess support, a second one for PHP installed as FastCGI and local php.ini support, a last one for servers that support only Rewrite URL.
  • complete webserver variables riconfiguration thanks to .htaccess, php.ini or PHP wrapper
  • full view of any PHP error (-1) with local errors log in the website's root
  • GZIP-9 compression for all textual files (html, css, js, etc.)
  • complete HTTP headers rewrite for all the types of file
  • minimization of all textual files
  • special chars re-encode: html entities for HTML files, octal numbers for Javascript.
  • comparison, between compressed and uncompressed version of the same file, aimed to serve the smallest one
  • progressive download of all binary files (any non textual file, for ex. images or PDF)
  • Keep-Alive always active
  • Google Analytics auto inclusion in any HTML page
  • structured use of ETag header
  • custom HTTP errors: 404, 403 and 500.
  • HTTP 1.1 / HTTP 1.0 change capability
  • complete management of 304 response (file not modified)
  • caching method and 304 response for all the dynamically created pages
  • SEO META TAGS auto inclusion (customizable)
  • emulation management for Internet Explorer 6/7/8
  • Internet Explorer caching system management, based on this Microsoft's post: Caching Improvements in IE9 Articolo Cache IE9
  • automatic set to empty for the "Set-Cookie" header, if useless
  • PunchOut catalogues support (ref. AribaBuyer and cXML protocol)
  • denies changing the http headers to any possible Proxy
  • P3P 1.1 protocol full support
  • MD5 checksum http header for any served file (as option)
  • Dreamweaver's created pages fix (multibyte UTF-8 converted in html entities and BOM removed)
  • custom file extensions support (ex: .NaN, as you can see in this website)
  • WebFonts extensions support (.ttf, .woff, .otf)
  • PHP session files saved locally
  • custom error handler for PHP CLI applications
  • suPHP full support suPHP
  • chance to install in a subfolder; useful if you have a single domain hosting and some domain that redirects to subfolders of the main domain
  • used disk space control tool with detailed information for each folder
  • files compression for Internet Explorer 6 is managed on the basis of Microsoft's error described at: KB825057IE6 Bug
  • smart "session_start()" auto inclusion
  • automatic setting for date, timezone and currency
  • TinyMCE full support and optimization (note: disable native TinyMCE optimizer)
  • support for IE's unzipped background files revalidation
  • execution time displayed in "X-Runtime" http header
  • Playstation 3 browser support
  • Advanced Cache System
  • support for all Unicode Encodings and htmlentities automatic conversion of any Unicode Characters (for any language of the world)
  • automatic conversion of any file encoding to UTF-8 (ex. UTF16 -> UTF8, UTF32 -> UTF8)
  • Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) full support CORS
  • microdata properties full support Microdata
  • imposes to use Conditional RequestsConditional Request per tutti i browsers
  • "Do Not Track" privacy function full support Do Not Track
  • support for CloudFlare's CDN and DDOS protection system CloudFlare

  • OPTION: images' hotlinking protection
  • OPTION: DublinCore 1.1 full support
  • OPTION: Coral CDN full support (Coral CDN Coral CDN)
  • OPTION: Transfer-Encoding:chunked full support for textual files
  • OPTION: custom session files handler for NFS file systemNFS
  • OPTION: Creative Commons full support
Minimum requirements: Apache HTTP Server 2.2+, PHP 4+, mod_rewrite

110% completed
A percentage greater than 100 indicates a completed project with additional updates.

Tested on Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YslowYslow performance testing programs.
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